Dane County Criminal History (Wisconsin)

Search for Dane County, WI criminal history information. A criminal history search provides information on criminal records, arrest records, search warrants, arrest warrants, bench warrants, jail bookings, arrest charges, criminal misdemeanors, traffic violations, drug violations, parole violations, criminal case files, DUIs, domestic violence, investigation records, and other background check information.

Dane County Courts resolve legal disputes, including criminal misdemeanors and felonies in Dane County, Wisconsin. Courts operate at the Federal, Wisconsin State, or local Dane County level, and they maintain records for all of their criminal cases, which make up an individual's Dane County criminal history. These Dane County public criminal records include homicides, sexual assaults, DUIs, drug charges, property crimes, and more. Criminal records also list trials, convictions, and sentences, as well as any plea bargains or settlements. Dane County criminal history records include the defendant's name, personal information, the criminal charges brought against the individual, and any criminal case files created by Wisconsin law enforcement. A criminal history search shows an individual's criminal record, making it an important part of performing a thorough Dane County background check. Dane County Courts may provide online access to their criminal history records.

Dane County Circuit Court Madison WI 215 South Hamilton Street 53703 608-266-4625

Madison Municipal Court Madison WI 210 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard 53703 608-264-9282

Middleton Municipal Court Middleton WI 7426 Hubbard Avenue 53562 608-827-1008

Monona Municipal Court Monona WI 1000 Nichols Road 53716 608-216-7422

Shorewood Hills Municipal Court Madison WI 810 Shorewood Boulevard 53705 608-267-2690

Verona Municipal Court Verona WI 111 Lincoln Street 53593 608-848-9938

Dane County Police Departments provide local law enforcement services, including stopping crimes, arresting suspects, and conducting investigations in Dane County, Wisconsin. As part of this job, Police Departments maintain a number of criminal history records, including Dane County arrest records, warrants, and reports on jail bookings. These records make up an individual's Dane County criminal record, including the criminal charges made during an arrest and any resulting legal cases from a police arrest. This can include felonies and misdemeanors such as fraud, probation violations, drug possession, manslaughter, and traffic crimes. Police Department records can include investigation materials and criminal case files, and searching criminal history records is an important step in performing a Dane County background check. Police Departments make many of their criminal history records available online.

Albion Township Police Department Edgerton WI 624 Albion Road 53534 608-884-8974

Belleville Police Department Belleville WI 31 East Main Street 53508 608-424-3129

Black Earth Police Department Black Earth WI 1210 Mills Street 53515 608-767-3700

Blue Mounds Police Department Blue Mounds WI 11011 Brigham Avenue 53517 608-437-5197

Blue Mounds Township Police Department Mount Horeb WI 400 South Blue Mounds Street 53572 608-437-3613

Brooklyn Police Department Brooklyn WI 102 North Rutland Avenue 53521 608-455-4201

Cambridge Police Department Cambridge WI 200 Spring Street 53523 608-423-4328

Cottage Grove Police Department Cottage Grove WI 4030 County Highway North 53527 608-839-4652

Cottage Grove Police Department Cottage Grove WI 2560 Nora Road 53527 608-839-4652

Cross Plains Police Department Cross Plains WI 2417 West Brewery Road 53528 608-798-4100

Dane Police Department Dane WI 102 West Main Street 53529 608-849-5422

Deforest Police Department DeForest WI 305 East Holum Street 53532 608-846-6756

Fitchburg Police Department Fitchburg WI 5520 Lacy Road 53711 608-270-4300

Madison Police Department - Central District Madison WI 211 South Carroll Street 53703 608-266-4316

Madison Police Department - East District Madison WI 809 South Thompson Drive 53714 608-266-4887

Madison Police Department - North District Madison WI 2033 Londonderry Drive 53704 608-243-5258

Madison Police Department - South District Madison WI 825 Hughes Place 53713 608-266-5938

Madison Police Department - West District Madison WI 1710 McKenna Boulevard 53711 608-243-0500

Maple Bluff Police Department Madison WI 18 Oxford Place 53704 608-244-1430

Marshall Police Department Marshall WI 130 South Pardee Street 53559 608-655-3533

Mazomanie Police Department Mazomanie WI 133 Crescent Street 53560 608-767-2762

Mcfarland Police Department McFarland WI 5915 Milwaukee Street 53558 608-838-3151

Middleton Police Department Middleton WI 7341 Donna Drive 53562 608-824-7300

Middleton Police Department Middleton WI 7426 Hubbard Avenue 53562 608-827-1000

Monona Police Department Monona WI 5211 Schluter Road 53716 608-222-0463

Mount Horeb Police Department Mount Horeb WI 222 East Front Street 53572 608-437-5522

Oregon Police Department Oregon WI 383 Park Street 53575 608-835-3111

Shorewood Hills Police Department Madison WI 810 Shorewood Boulevard 53705 608-267-1110

Stoughton Police Department Stoughton WI 321 South 4th Street 53589 608-873-3374

Sun Prairie Police Department Sun Prairie WI 300 East Main Street 53590 608-837-7336

Town Of Madison Police Department Madison WI 2120 Fish Hatchery Road 53713 608-210-7262

University Of Wisconsin / Madison Police Department Madison WI 1429 Monroe Street 53711 608-264-2677

Verona Police Department Verona WI 111 Lincoln Street 53593 608-845-8507

Waunakee Police Department Waunakee WI 401 West 2nd Street 53597 608-849-4523

Waunakee Police Department Waunakee WI 205 North Klein Drive 53597 608-849-4523

Wisconsin Department Of Justice - Criminal Investigation Division Madison WI 17 West Main Street 53703

Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources - Parks And Recreation Madison WI 101 South Webster Street 53703

Dane County Sheriff Departments operates at the county or local level, keeping public order by investigating crimes, arresting suspected criminals, and stopping crimes in progress in Dane County, Wisconsin. Sheriff Departments maintain records on all of their actions, including arrest reports, warrants, and jail bookings. These Dane County criminal records make up an individual's criminal history, and they contain personal information, all criminal charges in a person's record, and any legal cases after an arrest. Criminal history records include felonies and misdemeanors such as Dane County DUIs, drug charges, homicide, domestic violence, and probation violations. Sheriff Department records also include criminal case files and investigation records, which makes searching criminal history records an important step in conducting a background check in Dane County. These records may be available online from the Sheriff Department.

Dane County Sheriffs Office Madison WI 115 West Doty Street 53703 608-284-6800

Dane County Sheriffs Office - Northeast Precinct DeForest WI 4084 Muller Road 53532 608-266-3456

Dane County Sheriffs Office - Southeast Precinct Stoughton WI 2354 County Highway N 53589 608-266-9122

Dane County Sheriffs Office - West Precinct Verona WI 7555 Old Sauk Road 53593 608-267-4936

Dane County Department of Justice Offices operate at the federal or state level, and they enforce the law by prosecuting criminal cases in Dane County, Wisconsin. Departments of Justice are led by the Attorney General, and they maintain Dane County criminal history records, including narcotic charges, child exploitation, organized crime, and capital cases. These criminal records provide information about the accused individual and any trials resulting from the Department of Justice investigation, and these records can include trial testimony, witness reports and testimony, and the Dane County Court's ruling, such as convictions or acquittals, sentences, incarcerations, or plea bargains. These criminal history records are an important part of a background check, and they may be available on the Department of Justice website.

Madison Wisconsin Department of Justice Madison WI 4706 University Avenue 53705 608-266-2031

Madison Wisconsin Department of Justice Madison WI 345 West Washington Avenue 53703 608-264-5111

Madison Wisconsin Department of Justice Madison WI 17 West Main Street 53703 608-264-9446